Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Budget de la crédibilité | Credibility's budget

Au-delà du caractère très "clientéliste" du premier budget conservateur, ce qu'il faut retenir du discours du ministre Flaherty, c'est la volonté d'établir des conservateurs une nouvelle façon de faire de la politique fédérale. À ce chapitre, le clin d'oeil de Stéphane Laporte dans La Presse de ce matin en dit long: "C'est quoi cette idée de respecter ses promesses? Ça paraît que les conservateurs n'ont pas l'habitude du pouvoir!"
Au contraire! Le premier ministre Harper établit actuellement son autorité et sa crédibilité en faisant en sorte que "les bottines suivent les babines" comme le dirait Thomas Mulcair. Bref, bien avant de retenir le saupoudrage de millions ici et là pour tout un chacun; ce qu'on doit retenir de ce budget, c'est que le gouvernement conservateur respecte ses engagements. Tout le reste est superficiel.
Cela augure bien avec l'engagement pris hier de résoudre le déséquilibre fiscal dès l'automne. On ne peut que croire que les conservateurs tiendront encore parole et c'est tant mieux! On assiste peut-être présentement à un renouvellement de la tradition politique canadienne. Après le scandale des commandites, c'est à la fois motivant et encourageant!
Over the propensity of the first conservative budget to answer every "customer's" needs, what we must notice from the Minister Flaherty's speech s the clear trend for the tories to change federal politics once and for all. At that level, Stéphane Laporte's thought in today's edition of La Presse is telling: "What's that, respecting every engagement?! We now see how conservatives are unkowledgeable of being in office!" (free translation from French)
That's it! PM Harper is now assuming his authority and his credibility by doing what he promised. Before the millions here and there for every one, what we must recall from this budget is that the tories' governement respect its engagements. Everything else is unimportant!
This sounds good with the last promise to solve the fiscal imbalance this autumn. We can only think that, once again, the Harper's team will address the anticipations and that's great! We may assist to a radical change in the Canada's political tradition. After the Gomery Commission, it's fresh and encouraging!


Alberta Report said...

You feel good, just like a junkie on heroin, not realizing the downside.

I suggest you seriously look into all those "promises" kept, because what you are seeing, ain't what you are getting at all. Its not fresh - it's more dishonesty, and they are expecting you to be stupid enough not to look further and write positive blogs without researching the facts behind the budget.

But then again, it could be that you are earning more than 150,000 a year, have 4 kids, stay at home mom, ride the bus and have no interest in helping first nations, the environment or to contribute to foreign aid. That must be it, as I couln't think that you would not look beyond the window dressing to see what they are actually up to.

scott said...

It definitely turns the Liberal ethos of statism right on its proverbial head. It's too bad that the liberal centric media will spin this as an uncaring and cold conservative budget that puts the interest of the individual first and society [social programs] second.

Matt said...

Hello All!

Scott: thanks for your comment! I tend to agree with you even though I do not consider this budget as really perfect... on the fiscal measures, for example, it might've been wiser to lower personal income tax than the GST but hey! they do what they promised, at least!

Alberta Report: I do not understand your comment very well... I never stated if I thought the budget was good or not, I just said it was good for a governement to do what they told! And if Harper's doing something, it's what he said he would! May be were you favouring the dishonesty from the Liberals?

On the other hand, I must say I'm generally favourable to the conservative budget, even though, I agree there's not much done for the environment and the fiscal measures are mostly electoralist.